WHOA! DEMOCRATIC Strategist Gives Crooked Hillary The Ultimate Smack Down

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The most unpopular, deplorable woman in America, and champion of Wall Street bankers gets a big smack down by Democratic Strategist Harlan Hill. Enjoy:FACT: Clintons take money + work for countries that have institutionalized abuses of women & murder of homosexuals. pic.twitter.com/5GDSwkRUvm Harlan Z. Hill (@Harlan) September 6, 2016Here s what Harlan thinks about Hillary s chances of winning the election in

November:Hillary lost the Obama + Sanders coalitions.If I’m right, she’ll lose the election too.I went on record w/ @VarneyCo @FoxBusiness: pic.twitter.com/49hpiONrs5 Harlan Z. Hill (@Harlan) September 29, 2016

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