Drug-Dealing Pedophile Rep’s Client List Implicates NH Elected Officials

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As Addicting Info reported here, New Hampshire state representative Kyle Tasker was recently arrested on felony drug charges, along with charges that he attempted to solicit an undercover officer, who he believed to be a 14-year-old girl, into having sex with him.If that wasn t enough of a scandal for the New Hampshire state legislator, WMUR reports that the drug-dealing Tea Party representative kept a list of his

clients. That list wound up in the hands of the police department during a raid on Tasker s residence earlier this month.According to WMUR, the names of other elected officials are now confirmed to appear on Tasker s client list.Both the Rockingham County Attorney s Office and the state Attorney General s Office are now involved in the investigation, which is described as a scandal that has the potential to send

shockwaves through the entire state house. On Friday, House Speaker Shawn Jasper called on legislators who may be implicated on Tasker s client list to resign immediately, saying, Members of the Legislature take an oath to uphold our Constitution and the laws of our state, and any member of the House who has knowingly committed a criminal offense should do the honorable thing and step down from office immediately to

protect and preserve the dignity and integrity of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. So far Tasker is the only representative to have resigned from office.Here s more on the story from WMUR, via YouTube.As we reported here, after Tasker s arrest earlier this month, many state officials expressed a startling lack of surprise over the drug charges.According to legislators, Tasker often smelled like marijuana

and alcohol when he came to work, sometimes even bringing props to committee meetings.There s been a lot of speculation as to why, if his behavior was that obvious, no one reported him to the police or even filed a formal complaint.As it turns out, the answer to that question may very well be found in the pages of his client list.Image credit: video screen capture WMUR

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